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Portable Press Tower
Portable Press Tower

Portable Press Tower

Item # :PPB-5

A sturdy press box ideal for coaching, filming, and press media. This tower not only provides refuge from the elements for coaching staff, observers or the press, but can be called into play for nearly any event that requires an observer who needs a higher perspective. This special design will certainly impress visitors and staff alike, showing the seriousness of your sporting program.

Used extensively in professional sports, mobile observation towers are a must for any serious sporting program and adds class to any sports facility and a boost to the morale of any program.
  • Platform height: 5'-9"
  • Platform size: 10'-6" H x 7' L x 4' W
  • Product dimension: 10'-6" L x 14' H x 7' D
  • Aluminum construction
  • Anodized aluminum bench
  • Weather resistant, marine grade top for sun/rain protection
  • 4 - 16" pneumatic wheels, 2 wheels can be lock in position.

Product Dimensions: 10'6" L x 14' H x 7' D

Sold as 1 Each

  • Side enclosure and tow kit sold separately.

Specify top color when ordering:
Available in: Light Blue, Royal Blue, Red, White, Orange, Yellow Gold, Tan, Gray, Maroon, Purple, Black, Navy Blue, Kelley Green, and Dark Green

3 – Year Limited Warranty